Fight to End Cancer

Meadowbrook Elementary is joining the fight to end Cancer

We  are thrilled to announce that Meadowbrook Elementary has partnered with Constable John Marshall in  raising funds for Cops For Cancer.

Constable Marshall visited Meadowbrook on May 11 and spoke with the students  about cancer and ways that they can help cure it. Constable Marshall shared that he was moved by how excited the children  were to cure cancer and how so many of them have been affected by the disease either  by a friend or relative who has fought against cancer to even some students who have fought against cancer themselves  and won.

The students have set a goal to raise $3000!! If this goal is achieved Constable Marshall and Mr. Gill have volunteered to shave their heads in a design of the student’s choice! The students plan to achieve their fundraising  goal by donating money and hosting community events at Meadowbrook Elementary. They are hoping to raise their donation by September 15, 2017

Please help our kids to reach their goal of raising $3000 for Cops For Cancer!

You can click on the link below and when filling out your information in the “Donor Recognition field” please place Meadowbrook beside your name and we will be able to keep track of our fundraising efforts!

Thank you for your support,

The Meadowbrook PAC and Constable Marshall


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