Hot Lunches Are Here

My friends call me Christine, Chris, CJ or ‘C’ and they know that my love of food, kids and feeding people make Hot Lunch Coordinator an ideal role for me.  My son, Braeden, is excited to be in his 2nd year at Meadowbrook entering grade 1.  And I’m excited because he’s really enjoying school and having him at school gives me some time with my 1 year old, Kaesen.  While I’m not at work, as a Program Manager at the Port of Vancouver, I enjoy playing volleyball, baking, reading and watching movies with the family.  My goal this year, as the Hot Lunch Coordinator, is to introduce some different, fun meals while sharing some interesting cultural aspects about different food from around the world.

To learn more about the Meadowbrook P.A.C Executive Team visit the About page


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