Second in Command

My name is Leila and I am very excited to be your Vice President on this year’s PAC ! My husband Matt and I are excited for our daughter Coco who is heading into grade 2 this year. We have loved being a part of the Meadowbrook Elementary community ! Our family runs a production company and our most well known project is called “Convos with my 2 Year Old”. When I’m not working on projects for Cocomilk productions, I am a stay at home mom to our awesome kids Coco (age 7) and Shepherd (age 4). In my spare time I love to run, read, cook, bake, garden and spend time with our amazing friends and neighbours. I look forward to being a part of the PAC and contributing to what I suspect will be another fantastic year at Meadowbrook !

To learn more about the Meadowbrook P.A.C Executive Team visit the About page


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