Stay Connected

The Parent Advisory Council exist to support the connections between parents and the school administration staff.  As well, we strive to enrich each of the learners education by sponsoring programs that are outside of the school’s operating budget.  To do this we make every effort to keep parents informed, facilitate the communication opportunities and organize fundraising event.

The first step to becoming informed is subscribing to the PAC calendar.  By clicking on the aforementioned link and selecting ‘Subscribe’ the PAC calendar, along with any updates, will be displayed on your electronic calendar.  Also, look for these other ways to stay connected:

  • Subscribe to blogs on the website by clicking Follow PAC at Meadowbrook at bottom of screen;
  • Follow Meadowbrook PAC on Facebook;
  • Sign-up for the monthly email updates; and
  • Approach one of the Executive PAC parents to ask about the latest events.

If you have any questions please contact


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