Help us swing into 2020, use Flipgive !


Use FlipGive and help Meadowbrook raise funds for a new swing set !

It’s easy just use this FlipGive link and use this code: 9KT6YN to purchase your items and Meadowbrook will earn funds towards a new swing set.  Even better you’ll get a discount many of the items you purchase everyday.

Did you know through FlipGive……

  • You can get discounted fuel at Esso and 30% of your purchase costs goes to Meadowbrook fundraising
  • When you buy an Indigo gift card 17% of the amount goes toward the Meadowbrook fund
  • Shopping at Nike and Under Armour gives 12% back
  • Buy anything from Rakuten Kobo and we get 5% back
  • Purchase a deal off Groupon, you’ll get 25% off and you’ll donate 12% of your purchase price to the Meadowbrook fund

The list goes on, so be sure to get the link today.  Better yet, add the FlipGive Max to your browser then you’ll be reminded of when you can help us earn funds when you visit participating sites.

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