Meet the P.A.C. Executive Team

President:  Leila Harrison (She/Her)

IMG_9315I am very excited to be serving our school community as PAC President this year. For the past three years I have been a part of the PAC executive as the Vice President, and it has been a true pleasure getting to know our amazing school community of families and staff.  In previous years I have run our hot lunch program and led our book fairs, as well as volunteered for many other fundraisers and community events at Meadowbrook. During my time being a parent volunteer and PAC executive I have made some incredible friendships and come to truly cherish all that Meadowbrook represents. 

I am also an actor and a vocalist, and my husband Matt and I often work together on our own creative projects.

I have a wonderful, kindhearted daughter named Coco who is going into grade 5, and a very funny, very friendly son named Shepherd who is going into grade 2. 

I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new families. It will be an unconventional school year, but we will do all that we can to keep our school community connected.

The President of the P.A.C. presides over all general and Executive meetings and acts as the signing authority on behalf of the Council.

Vice-President:  Alisha Enns

Bio coming soon.

The Vice-President of the P.A.C. assumes the President’s responsibilities and assists the Executive team in performing their duties.

Secretary: Dayna Wilson (She/Her)

103934419_10163939852120121_9197490643935666824_oHi Meadowbrook! Looking forward to another year as your PAC secretary and newsletter creator!

I have three small humans; my eldest, Callum, is going into grade 4 this year, Saoirse is starting grade 2, and Fionn will be in kindergarten.

I’m currently a full time political sciences student, so I’m a busy lady! I like Star Wars, video games, karaoke, stand up paddleboarding, being outside, and cross stitch. I’m most likely the one who will answer any emails you might send to the PAC, so feel free to drop me a line and say hi!

The P.A.C. Secretary keeps meeting minutes, records and documents. In addition they handle all correspondence to/from the Council and produce a weekly newsletter.

Treasurer:  Janey Roh

IMG_3350Hi there! We are excited to be joining the Meadowbrook community! Our son, Callum will be starting Kindergarten this fall.

I work in the field of education and research and run a non-profit organization that operates an experience platform for youth and adults with a cognitive disability.

I have a passion for food and a penchant for K-dramas and a keen curiosity around human behaviour and culture.

I look forward to serving on the PAC as treasurer and meeting everyone!

The P.A.C. Treasurer handles financial record keeping, payment of expenditures and the deposit of funds for the Council.

Fundraising Coordinator:  Vacant

If you are interested in this position, please contact us for more information!

The P.A.C. Fundraising Coordinator leads the community outreach and fundraising events for the Council.

Hot Lunch Coordinators: Janine Graham and Shannon Mulvihill

Bios Coming Soon.

The P.A.C. Hot Lunch Coordinator organizes the monthly hot lunches, including the menu, ordering, delivery and recruitment of volunteers.

Emergency Prep Coordinator:  Tracee Bonnici

tbpictureI’m excited to be here for all of your emergency-preparedness needs.

However, I hear that the school is already very well prepared for emergencies, so I might also be helping out elsewhere.

My little one is starting kindie this year, so Meadowbrook will be new for both of us!

The P.A.C. Emergency Prep Coordinator ensures that the Emergency Preparedness kits at Meadowbrook are ready, organized and in working order. 

District P.A.C. Representative:  Keri Rutter-Marko

ImageHi, I am Keri Rutter-Marko. I am the mother of Rebekah Marko, who is in grade 4 this year.

I am a SAHM and the Dpac representative for Meadowbrook Elementry.   As the Dpac rep I go to a monthly meeting with the other Dpac reps in sd43. There they discuss the various things that are going on in the district and the different programs that our community can access.

I also volunteer at hot lunch and run the monthly Treat Day, where we raise funds for our school. Last year we helped raised money for the swings and various other programs.

I like being a part of the Meadowbrook community as people are open to new ideas.

The D.P.A.C. Representative attends District P.A.C. meetings, representing Meadowbrook P.A.C. and reporting back any pertinent information from the District Council.

Introduction Video

We put together a little video so that you can get to know us! Enjoy.