Fresh To You

FTY Fundraiser

Thank you for your support ! 
Orders will be arriving in 3 to 4 weeks. Pick-up details will be sent out shortly.

What we do

Once a year we offer families a chance to purchase bundles of healthy farm fresh, local fruit and vegetables while supporting the Meadowbrook PAC.  Check out our Calendar, to find out when the next Fresh To You Fundraiser is.

How we do it

We distribute order forms with learners and online orders so that everyone has an opportunity to order.  And remember 40% of the profit goes into support Meadowbrook.

What you can do

To make Fresh To You a success, here is how you can help:

FTY Fundraiser bundles

  • Use the online order form or the hardcopy order form that comes home with your learners to order bundles of fruits and vegetables (see options below) – make sure to tell your neighbors and friends !
  • Volunteer the day of delivery, to distribution bundles after school.  This takes about 30 minutes and approximately 4 or more volunteers are needed.

Who to contact

If you are available to volunteer for Fresh To You please contact our Fundraising Coordinator at