Recycling Program


What we do

By teaching our learners about the benefits of converting waste materials into new materials and objects, we start the cycle of recycling.  Check out our Calendar, to find out when the next Recycling Event is.

How we do it

We provide the opportunity for our learners to participate in various recycling events and activities.  This, in turn, educates the Meadowbrook students on the benefits of waste reduction, reusing materials and recycling objects while raising money to sustain and continuously improve the our Recycling Program.

What you can do

We need parents to support our recycling program and help get our learners involved, here is how you can help:

  • Bring your recyclables to one of the local bottle depots that have Meadowbrook as an account (Meadowbrook Recycling).
  • Encourage your learner to join the Environmental Club.
  • Bring your bottles and cans to our bottle drives held once a month before school.

Who to contact

If you have any questions please contact