Virtual Craft Market

Thank you to all those who have supported the recent Meadowbrook Fall 2020 Virtual Craft Market, especially the volunteers!  For updates, please visit our Market site


What we do

We host a Virtual Craft Market online for local vendors to sell their handmade crafts and for buyers to buy those unique products to support these local vendors.  Check our Calendar to find out exact dates.

How we do it

Vendors apply to join the online market, the PAC market and organize the market where the Meadowbrook community can buy products online, the PAC organize with vendors the drop-off the products and with the buyers the pick-up of the products in central locations using safe, social distancing practices.

What you can do

You can do several things to support the Meadowbrook Virtual Craft Markets:

  • Apply to be a vendor, selling handmade products. See our Virtual Craft Market Vendor FAQ to understand how the market works.
    • Clarification added to FAQ on October 14th – only ordered / sold items need to be delivered, not all inventory items.
  • Volunteer with organizing, setting up, managing, distributing products for the virtual craft market.
  • Visit the online Virtual Craft Market and purchase a handcrafted product, supporting the Meadowbrook PAC and local vendors.  See our Virtual Craft Market Customer FAQs to understand how the market works and mark your calendar to check our Facebook page or this webpage when the market opens OR email to become part of the distribution list.

Who to contact

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, volunteering to organize or in purchasing handmade crafts at the Meaadowbrook Virtual Craft Market please contact the Fundraising Coordinator at