Online Orders

Meadowbrook P.A.C. is excited to welcome Munch a Lunch as our online order system.

With Munch a Lunch you can:

  • Order lunches, order food for movie night, pay for tickets for social events, and do general donations;
  • Use a friendly easy interface, with drag & drop menus;
  • Set-up daily reminders and/or notifications;
  • Update and save your profiles, with your various learner’s divisions and allergies;
  • Do online payments via secure credit card authorization;
  • Review or change your orders; and
  • Volunteer for helping at hot lunches.

Click on the Munch a Lunch icon below to register today:Munch-Logo-120x120

Please note:

  • Please consult the PAC Calendar for Hot Lunch dates and order due dates.
  • Selections for sub & taco toppings, and for hotdog value meal drink and snack items can be found at the end, just before payment.

If you have any questions please contact