Hot Lunches


What we do

Biweekly, Covid restrictions permitting, we offer learners the opportunity to order a hot lunch.  We strive to offer the learners of Meadowbrook a fun and cultural cuisine experience that meet the nutritional guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Education and Health.  We try to accommodate the serious medical conditions and various dietary restrictions of some students and staff.

How we do it

Visit our Virtual Market Page in order to view our upcoming hot lunches, as well as order them for your learner! Then try to remember not to pack a lunch on the day of- always a challenge 😉

What you can do

You can do a couple things to support Meadowbrook Hot Lunches:

  • Order a Hot Lunch for your learner.  Please see the Online Order Page for instructions on how to order.
  • Volunteer, when Covid restrictions permit. We are hoping to organize lunches prepared safely in the PAC kitchen again in the coming months. If you’re available to volunteer an hour or so of your time to help us make this happen, don’t hesitate to reach out!
  • We offer the opportunity to donate towards the purchase of a lunch for families in need, so that all of our learners are able to enjoy hot lunch day. If you’d like to donate to this cause, there is an option to do so while purchasing your learner’s lunch. If you would like to request a free lunch, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our hot lunch team.

Who to contact

If you are available to help with hot lunch distribution please contact our Hot Lunch Coordinator at