Movie Nights


What we do

Four nights a year we host a Movie Night in the gym for the family and friends of Meadowbrook – our own little theatre !  Check our Calendar to find out exact dates of the next Movie Night.

Movie Nights have a new format – info on the updated format can be found here.

How we do it

Admission is free and everyone is welcome to bring their camping chairs, pillow and mats – you are even welcome to wear your pajamas.  Parent volunteers sell popcorn, drinks and pizza to ensure everyone gets the full movie experience.

What you can do

You can do several things to support the Meadowbrook Movie Nights:

  • Pre-order your food on Munch a Lunch to assist organizer with quantities and to streamline delivery.
  • Attend Movie Night, inviting your family and friends – don’t forget to bring your chairs and/or mats.
  • Volunteer to help set-up, sell food at the concession stand and/or clean up after the movie.

Who to contact

If you are available to help with the next Movie Night please contact