Winter Social


What we do

We host a free Winter Social in November for families and friends to gather, dance and make fun memories !  Check our Calendar to find out exact date of the Winter Social.

How we do it

Admission is free and everyone is welcome.  Parent volunteers decorate the gym, sell food, organize activities and music.

What you can do

You can do several things to support the Meadowbrook Winter Social:

  • You can join the organizing committee to prepare for the Winter Social.
  • Pre-order your food on Munch a Lunch to assist organizer with quantities and to streamline delivery.
  • Attend the Winter Social, inviting your family and friends – don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.
  • Volunteer to help set-up/decorate, sell/deliver food at the concession stand and/or clean up afterwards.

Who to contact

If you are available to help with the Winter Social, please contact Winter Social Coordinator at