Do Something Amazing !

Reminder that Tim Hortons Camp Day is coming to Meadowbrook this Thursday, June 7th.  If you’ve ordered a meal item you are already supporting, if you’d like to do more come early to school on Thursday to get a free coffee or hot chocolate and donate to help change a child’s life.

Just some FAQs on our Tim Hortons Camp Day Hot Lunch:

  • What is Meadowbrook doing for Tim Hortons Camp Day?  For every meal ordered during Hot Lunch this Thursday $1 goes to the local Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation.  As well, Meadowbrook volunteers are helping by handing out free coffee and hot chocolate, while collecting donations.
  • Who benefits from the proceeds of Tim Hortons Camp Day?  Local youth are from low income homes are given the opportunity to realize their full potential by attending a 4 to 5 year summer program that will help “develop the skills they need to become resourceful, responsible and empowered individuals”.  More information can be found here: Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.

For more information or to volunteer, check out our Hot Lunch page or contact Christine Viray-Luk, Hot Lunch Coordinator, at


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